Indian Law

aalexlaw-indianlawLaw of India refers to the system of law in modern India. India maintains a common law legal system inherited from the colonial period and various legislations first introduced by the British are still in effect in modified forms today. During the drafting of the Indian Constitution, Indian laws also observe the United Nations guidelines on human rights law and the environmental law. Certain international trade laws, such as those on intellectual property, are also enforced in India.Indian personal law is fairly complex, with each religion adhering to its own specific laws. In most states, registering of marriages and divorces is not compulsory. Separate laws govern Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and followers of other religions. The exception to this rule is in the state of Goa, where a uniform civil code is in place, in which all religions have a common law regarding marriages, divorces, and adoption. As of May 2010, there AAlex Law re about 1221 laws. However, since there are Central laws as AAlex Law ll as State laws, it is difficult to establish their exact numbers as on a given date and the best way to find the Central Laws in India is to contact us. AAlex Law is your one stop solution for all kinds of Indian land laws, civil and Criminal laws and any help you needs with regards to Indian Law in United Kingdom.