There are many different types of visit visa in the UK, depending upon the purpose of the visit. Not everyone who is coming for a short holiday or to visit friends or family requires a visa: whether or not you do will depend upon your country of origin. Visits may also be for business purposes, for study, or medical treatment or for marriage. EU nationals and their family members benefit from different arrangements. There were major changes in the Immigration Rules relating to visitors in November of 2008. The categories of visitors today are:-

1. General Visitors
2. Business Visitors
3. Permitted Paid Engagements
4. Prospective Entrepreneurs
5. Entertainers and Sportspeople
6. Visit visas for Chinese nationals
7. Special Visitors:-

a. Child visitor
b. Visits for private medical treatment
c. Marriage or Civil Partnership Visitor
d. Parent of a Child at School
e. Student Visitors
f. Prospective Students
g. Visitors in transit